The biannual Polish Conference on Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering has been held for nearly four decades and attracts scientists and professionals from the fields of engineering, medicine, physics, and computer science. The 21st PCBBE will be a great opportunity for an exchange of ideas and presentation of the latest developments in all areas within the field of biomedical engineering. The conference is also meant as a forum for young researchers, with the opportunity to present their scientific ambitions and work to an audience of the bioengineering community.

Research areas
The conference topics include
 – Biomeasurements and biosignals monitoring
 – Biomedical signal processing
 – Biomedical image processing and analysis
 – Bioinformatics and computational biology
 – Computer-aided diagnosis in medical imaging
 – Biosensors and bioinstrumentation
 – Biomaterials and nanotechnology
 – Biomechanics, robotics and minimally invasive surgery
 – Cybernetics, bio-mimetics and modeling of biological systems
 – Neural and rehabilitation engineering
 – Artificial organs and implants
 – Molecular, cellular and tissue engineering
 – Human movement recording analysis
 – Health informatics, e-health and telemedicine
 – Biomedical engineering education.