Gala dinner
The gala dinner will take place on September 26 (Thursday) at the palm house „Palmiarnia„. Palmiarnia is the one of the most recognizable tourist attractions of the city. It is located at the top of wine hill, surrounded by the so-called vineyard park covered with vines. Guests can admire about 150 species of plants from the Equatorial and Tropic zone. An additional attraction is 7 aquariums with various fishes and artificial waterfall. You can admire the panorama of Zielona Góra and the forests surrounding the city from the viewing platform located at the top of the palm house. The Palm House houses a 19th-century winemaker’s house and a wine cellar, where you can taste wines from Lubuskie vineyards.
Time: September 26 (Thursday)
Place: Palmiarnia, ul. Wrocławska 12A

All symposium participants, including accompanying persons, are entitled to coffee breaks and lunches, which will take place in the lunch hall located in the building A-10.
Time: daily as scheduled in the program
Place: Campus A, lunch hall (building A-10)